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Blue Will be the Perfect Partner for almost Every Other Color
White and blue bedroom
The style of the sky, the ocean, and probably the happiest bird, blue has an inherent peaceful stillness that soothes the senses even while it refreshes the spirit. It is not surprising that after neutrals like gray, brown and gray, pink is considered the most popular color for decorating bedrooms. And what makes blue more praiseworthy is its adaptability. Match it with almost any other color – it works. Use it with almost any decorating theme – it is able to manage it. So whether you like your blues whisper soft or perhaps extra bright, combined with a good color or perhaps partnered with a pastel, there is a pink along with a color combination that is appropriate for you. ​These bedrooms show you the way to do blue right.

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Green and blue
Green and blue bedroom
Crisp Architects
Sitting alongside one another on the color wheel, green and blue interact in harmony that is perfect. You are able to take them bright, but for a more soothing bedroom, stick with a pastel tint of pink as well as a somewhat better lime green, as in the room designed by Crisp Architects shown here. Pastel blue walls and white molding create a fantastic backdrop for the pops of lime and blue green within the furniture, bedding, curtains, and accent pillows.

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Brown and blue
Brown and blue bedroom
Georgette Westerman Interiors
Yet another excellent color duo is brown and blue this way chic modern bedroom designed by Georgette Westerman Interiors. Dark brown sets off turquoise accents to perfection, while the mix of patterns and accessories give the room lots of whimsical charm. Fun, but still sophisticated.

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Purple and blue
Purple and blue bedroom
Margot Austin
When blue plays with purple, the benefits are able to range from sweet and soft (as in the bedroom here from designer and stylist Margot Austin) to dramatic and moody when the chosen hues are intense and dark. In either case, the blend of these 2 cool colors makes for a relaxing bedroom with a striking appearance. bedroom decor

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Red and blue
Red and blue bedroom
Want a palette that pops, yet is uncomplicated to keep under control by going slightly muted with your selected colors? Then give red and blue a try. It is a traditional country palette, particularly when mixed with gray as in the country charmer shown here. But you are not limited to rustic or casual styles: contemporary, retro, and Asian themes all work nicely in red and blue. It is also an excellent palette for a kid’s bedroom, perfectly suited to either a boy or a female.

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Gold and blue
Pink and gold bedroom
When it comes to ​metallics, you may picture cool blue with just as great silver, but as this elegant bedroom proves, gold is equally as rich when mixed with a full shade of blue. The room here has a bit of a British colonial vibe (the traditional, formal bed with its wicker insets) as well as the general feel is pretty traditional. In case you enjoy a similar traditional decorating style, consider deep blue and gold for the palette of yours.

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White and blue
White and blue bedroom
Kim Armstrong Interior Design
Match white with other pure color, and you wind up with a striking room. Combine white with a deep hue of pure blue, as in this lovely room from Kim Armstrong Interior Design, and wow, you will get a significant dose of tranquility accented with a splash of drama. Add in the nautical touches in the accessories throughout the space, and the final outcome is a bedroom that both soothes and delights. Perfection.

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Orange and blue
Orange and blue bedroom
Orange and blue are color complements, meaning they sit right across from one another on the color wheel. When used together, they’ve strong contrast and a certain dramatic vibe, so this is not the palette for an extremely subdued or perhaps tranquil feel. Nevertheless, when used as accents, significantly less primary colors, pink and orange add a feeling of excitement without too much to handle the space. For proof, check out the mid century modern room shown here.

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Neutral and blue
Neutral and blue bedroom
The great thing about neutrals is the fact that they can easily have a room by themselves, however they also play nicely with each alternate color. When you add accents of pink to a basic theme, as in this featured bedroom, you add a huge dose of tranquility and peace to a space that otherwise might have been bland. It is a lot better in a room with rustic touches, like the weathered wood wall here.

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Yellow and blue
Pink and yellow formal bedroom
Yellow and blue are very different in feel – yellow is warm and cheery, while blue is calm and cool – yet they complement one another beautifully. While you are able to do the job this palette to perfection with almost any decorating theme, it definitely plays well in the conventional, elegant, and quite romantic bedroom shown here. Therefore pretty.

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Gray and blue
Gray and blue bedroom
While gray and blue are both on the great side of the spectrum, they do not need to cast a chill on the interior design of yours. Simply add in a number of touches of bright blue, like the turquoise throw pillows here, to chase off any too-subdued or cloudy doldrums. By keeping the gray very soft and another blues muted, the general vibe of the room is still very peaceful and relaxed, yet still inviting.

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