Ikea is making a huge thrust in internet shopping

Ikea is making a huge thrust in internet shopping

Ikea is making a huge thrust into online shopping with the launch of a new app that allows shoppers to shop inside objects in augmented reality.

The Swedish based company has been tinkering with AR for a while. It launched its own AR app, Ikea Place, again in 2017, which allowed customers to find out just how a product of furnishings will fit in their home or room, nevertheless, there was no option to buy the particular products in the app.

The brand new app, launching initially in France and also the Netherlands before coming to the UK by the conclusion of the year, will make it possible for people to visualise the merchandise in their house before exclusively buying it in the app.

What’s augmented reality?

Augmented reality occurs when computer generated images are superimposed over a user’s point of view of the real world, generally using a smartphone, which could enhance the perception of reality.

Ikea’s chief digital officer, Barbara Martin Coppola, told Reuters: “It is a completely brand new experience. The app is combined with the shop experience, with the internet experience.”

Ikea Places allowed customers to discover furniture in AR though they had been unable to buy items immediately in the app The AR capabilities aren’t only aimed at all those shopping at home. As Ikea moves to smaller, city-centre focused retailers, such as its Planning Studio store in Tottenham Court Road, the app allows individuals in an Ikea store to see a fuller range of things than is possible in a smaller room. IKEA Abu Dhabi

For example, if there’s a particular chair a shopper likes, they can point the phone of theirs at it and determine some other textures and colours accessible.

“People that go to the web-based shops may want to print on the full range of Ikea, in addition to that’s when digital innovations come in handy,” added Martin Coppola.

MADE, in particular, infuses tech in many of its offerings, whether it is shopping online or perhaps in store. In its showrooms in the likes of Soho, Berlin and Paris, you will find supersized touch screens to help customers locate products that match up the taste of theirs and Shop Instagram, a shoppable feed of social networking posts featuring the brand’s products.

The company recently launched a brand new MADE Labs project to find the new generation of inside design start-ups.

Other retail businesses are experimenting with AR enabled shopping, like Nike, which is utilizing the tech to digitally measure customers’ feet to make sure they never select the wrong-sized trainer again

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